Why would you believe anything Fox News tells you now?

Why would you believe anything Fox News tells you now?

Be discerning what “news” you choose

What has been made abundantly clear from recent revelations emanating from the Dominion lawsuit against Fox is the disdain the Fox talking heads have for their own viewers. Fox knew that the 2020 election was fair and devoid of any significant fraud.

Biden won; Trump lost.

Apparently, Fox determined that its viewers could not handle that truth, so it decided to outright lie to them and continue to undermine the integrity of that election without the slightest scintilla of evidence.

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That raises a very important question that Fox viewers should be asking themselves.

That question is: If Fox truly and intentionally lied to you in the past, why would you believe anything they are telling you now? This same question should be directed at any other alleged news organization that has promoted this same lie.

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The lesson is clear – be discerning what “news” you choose to listen to or trust.

Robert Sidman, Columbus

We will protect our freedoms

Across races, places and parties, Americans turned out this last election to protect our freedoms — freedom to decide for ourselves whether and when to have kids and to elect leaders who respect the will of the people, act in our interests, and allow us to provide for our families.

But by creating barriers to voting and dividing us into districts that serve their power-grabbing ambitions, the same fascist faction of Republicans who engaged in a criminal conspiracy to overthrow our election have now hijacked control of the House of Representatives.

They want to bring down that House — our House of Representatives — so they can hand kickbacks to billionaires, play games with our economic stability, distract us with inquisitions, and attempt to take away Social Security, Medicare, and our freedoms.

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We’re onto them.

And just as we once defeated enslavers, segregationists and Donald Trump himself, we will defeat this faction and protect our freedoms, families and futures.

Todd Schneider, Cuyahoga Falls

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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I wouldn’t feel comfortable teaching

I am a retired teacher with almost 45 years of experience. One of the courses I taught at the high school level was humanities.

In that course we spent several weeks studying famous artists.

House Bill 8 is so vague that if I were still teaching, I would think it was too dangerous to introduce students to art works such as Michelangelo’s David, Titian’s Venus of Urbino, Rembrandt’s Bathsheba at Her Bath, and numerous other works any educated person should recognize . Those famous nudes are explicit.

I also taught literature courses. No longer would I feel comfortable teaching Greek mythology, and many novels and stories. I would also know better than to point out allusions to biblical stories all educated people know. I would not, for example, refer to David and Bathsheba or Sodom and Gomorrah. These are explicit works of literature.

House Bill 8 will cause Ohio’s students to fall behind students in other states. In fact, House Bill 8, along with several other introduced education bills, harms Ohio.

Mark Hiser, Dublin

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