How To Lose The Extra Kilos In A Week

How To Lose The Extra Kilos In A Week

The biggest mistake we make when we make the decision to finally start this diet that can make our lives a little harder, is that we lean on things that end up bringing us the opposite results. What are we trying to say? A smart tip if you want to lose excess weight in a few days is not to frantically avoid sweets and carbohydrates, but to drop small “bad” habits. The idea is not to overdo it, which can also be a strong psychological burden for us, but to follow advice that will actually bring radical changes over time. In particular, if they are combined with regular exercise of 20-30 minutes, which increases your muscle mass, you will lose the extra kilos and the result will justify you.

Avoid excessive consumption of bread

Sure, the simple solution for those days when we don’t have the stamina to cook or maybe are not even in the mood to order something is to end up eating, mostly toast or various sandwiches, with what we have in the fridge. It would be good to try their abstinence, because too much bread has always not been our best friend, and to try to replace it with a tortilla, for example. Of course, we should pay a little more attention to our ingredients, including vegetables, but without high-fat foods or sauces, such as mayonnaise. It would be even more ideal if you could reduce carbohydrates, by allowing them in at least 2 out of 3 meals and try new simple protein-based recipes.

Extra Kilos

Satisfying breakfast

Mornings seem like torture to get up and go to the kitchen even more. That’s why we usually neglect meals that don’t fill us up, just to avoid this inconvenience. You must know that in order to achieve your goals, you must give special “care” to each of your meals, not to mention breakfast, which is the most important. A suggestion, that will provide you with few calories, but at the same time will make you feel full for the rest of the day, so you will not digress, and also is an excellent source of protein, is undoubtedly eggs. Put an egg together with 1-2 egg whites in the non-stick pan and you will see that it is not as difficult as you think.

Go sugar free

A large percentage of people drink at least 2 to 3 coffees per day, so consider also adding white sugar, which is equivalent to 20 calories. For example, if you start drinking your beverage moderately and less sweetly, you will automatically save 60-180 calories per day by cutting out the sugar. If you do not like this abstinence at all, you can also use the brown variety, but again, watch the amount. And if you add milk, ask for low-fat milk and not whole milk, as this is also responsible for the extra calories.

Eat your veggies

Losing excess weight, is associated with eating greens, which are anything cut from trees and plants. Fill the fridge with different products, even those you don’t know, and lots of salads and experiment with recipes that you can execute. In this way you will be able to acquire a healthy routine and give a real foundation to these foods. In this way you will be able to cheat here and there and have a balance between. Also, drink plenty of water; this will help you feel full.